Monday, 2 January 2012

Back on track - Happy 2012

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted to this blog.  Time just gets away on a person...who knew that work, home, pets, husband, holidays, life could all be so time consuming :P.  Tomorrow I start back to work after a [much needed] 2 week break.  In honour of a new year it's time to get back on track of eating healthy and, where possible, low-gi and more vegetarian.  We all know that the holiday season can wreak havoc on healthy eating habits...delicious baked goods abound, candies, hors d'oeuvres at parties, huge meals designed to satisfy (and overstuff).  Today my husband and I purged our cupboards of all the goodies and junk food and went shopping to resupply our kitchen with supplies for nutritious and delicious meals and snacks.  I told the hubby I was going to make a list to stick to our fridge of all healthy meal and snack ideas...instead of just doing so in Word I'm going to do so here to share with you as well.

-1/2 cup low- or no-sugar added Muesli with 1/2 cup low fat milk or plain yogurt
-Homemade porridge (made with 1/3 cup Old Fashioned -not instant rolled oats) - top with some cinnamon and low fat milk, or plain yogurt, or a tbsp of REAL maple syrup, or fruit (fresh, dried, frozen - your choice)...try to avoid the hefty amount of brown sugar that is so tempting.
-Sourdough toast with Almond butter (or other nut butter)
-Scrambled egg white (add some veggies or salsa if you like) and a piece of toast
-Turkey bacon, cheese, fried egg on a sourdough English muffin.
-Frozen fruit, plain yogurt, and OJ smoothie
-One bran muffin with a piece of cheese or babybel or a small low-calorie yogurt
-A breakfast cookie (recipe to come on this blog - after some experimenting with the recipe)

-A whole-grain tortilla spread with peanut butter and a banana rolled up inside (also good as a breakfast or a snack) - can also spread some cream cheese and roll with some veggies inside (roasted red peppers are a good choice).
-A combo platter of crackers and cheese and some fruit and veggies and low calorie, low sodium cold cuts
-Canned salmon (deboned..unless you like the bones, supposedly good for you but super me anyway) mixed with a tad of low calorie mayo and some green onions on a wholegrain pita
-In a pinch Smart Ones (from Weight Watchers) TV dinners are ok - but not too often as they are often laiden with sodium.  These frozen meals are actually really tasty.
-1/2 a pita with hummus, sprouts and other veggies of choice inside makes a nice salady-sandwich
- Sourdough or wholegrain sandwiches with nutritious fillings grilled on a sandwich maker or indoor grill
-Salad with a simple balsamic and olive oil dressing - topped with some finely chopped apple, a few pecans and a bit of low fat feta.

-Grilled chicken, nicely seasoned, on a bed of wholewheat egg noodles (tossed in olive oil and basil) topped with a low calorie red pasta sauce - salad on the side.
-Vegetarian Thai curry with low-fat coconut milk
-Vegetarian Chili 
-Split pea soup
-Other homemade soups
- Pizza (I made a killer taco pizza - toppings were pizza sauce and salsa mixed together, vegetarian taco "beef", green onions, cheddar cheese and topped with yogurt (after it was out of the oven, of course)...most excellent!
-Sourdough or wholegrain sandwiches with nutritious fillings grilled on a sandwich maker or indoor grill
-Tofu or lean meat stirfry  (mind the sodium in the sauce options.)

-Crackers and cheese
-Any hand-sized piece of fruit (or handful of berries)
-Small handful of nuts and/or seeds (dry roasted, unsalted)
-Fruit2Go (or other brand of fruit leather - made with REAL fruit and NO added sugar)
-Granola bar (making sure it has low sugar and high fibre)
-Pita chips
- Taco chips (baked or low-sodium if possible) and salsa
- Small yogurt cup (add some All-Bran or other fibre if possible)
-Veggies and hummus or tzatziki for dipping
-Small piece of 70%+ dark chocolate (if the craving hits...and it will)
-1% cottage cheese and some berries and/or cinnamon

These are just a few ideas, as I think of things I will continue to add to this list.  Breakfasts and Lunches are the ones I need most help with as those are the ones that we usually just fend for ourselves - dinner is easier as it's a meal for more than just me and I don't struggle too often.  

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